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DIG--Data Integration Group

What would it take to get learning growth for every student, every year in your school?
“Data Literacy” is the ability to collect, analyze, communicate, and use multiple measures of data to continuously improve all aspects of the learning organization, especially teaching and learning.
“Data use” is the ability to transform data into information and then into action to improve all aspects of the learning organization.
Purpose: Participants will develop data leadership capacity and be able to help their schools with the SIP process. This would include utilizing MAP data, reading data, and other data to improve student learning. Participants will learn about the new Nebraska Department of Education accountability system AQUEST, and the statewide data dashboard which is under development.

2016-17 Dates: October 20, December 6, and March 21


2016-17 Dates: October 20, December 6, and March 21
Document with agenda and links for the year Updated with sharing provided by districts

October 20, 2016

March 31, 2016

February 26, 2016 Awesome Table training

January 28, 2016

November 4, 2015

6 Tenets Rubric
Ladder of Intersections of Data

September 28, 2015
Agenda powerpointIntroduction
  • Why are you here? What do you want to be able take back to your school? What would you be able to share with our group?
  • SLDS Grant Website
Google Spreadsheet

  • DIG sample spreadsheet Start working with this spreadsheet. Make a copy of this spreadsheet so that you can make changes.
  • Explore
    • located in bottom right of spreadsheet
    • summary data is shown
    • move to sheet of its own
    • Top left of chart “insert chart” can you change the type of graph?
  • rollCall addon
    • show on column
    • automatic update
    • Where and how would you use this addon?
  • Google Form--go to form, summary of responses
  • Lynne’s documents
  • Sharing
  • Other needs, mail merge,
What would it take to get learning growth for every student, every year in your school?
Awesome Tables
  • Britany Hajek
  • Is this something to learn more about?
Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement
  • 3rd edition by Victoria Bernhardt.
  • Each school has received a copy of this book from NDE.
  • Problem Solving Protocol
    • Hypothesis recorded Here
  • MAP utilization
  • MAP reports
  • NeSA reports
  • logon to portal required
  • Data Warehouse
  • Pilot schools
  • EAP-early adopter program
  • Crete, Dorchester, Norris, Waverly
  • ODS-operational data store EdFI system is used within this
  • SSO-single sign on
  • SIS-students information system
Advanced Ed or School Improvement
Next Steps
  • Dates: November 4, January 28, and March 31